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Jennifer Dowd

Hi, I'm Jennifer. Welcome to my world. I am a writer, published author, photographer, a creative and possibilities leader.

Greetings All,

Welcome to my website, As an artist and creative, I like to explore various mediums to showcase my work, from writing kids books and a variety of romance novels, to photography and painting. My site is ever-evolving, so come back often to check out the latest updates. 

"Creativity takes courage!"
- Henri Mattes

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Everyday Heros Emergency Services Edition

Everyday Heroes Project

Being on the front line on some of the worse days in people’s lives is challenging and complex. People who sign up for these professions require dedication, passion, and the desire to help others. Participating in continuous training, applying your skills under stressful conditions, and providing comfort to those -in need are daily requirements. Time away from loved ones, emotional and mental wear and tear, and witnessing tragedy day after day is just part of the job. But there is a light in all that darkness. These professions can witness some of life’s miracles like the birth of a baby, raising funds for charity, and helping people in their communities.

This project aims to celebrate and showcase some of the fantastic work that happens in these professions.



My 1.5 yr old granddaughter loves to look for Willow and Baylee as they hide in various places. One of her favourite book. Highly Recommend.

Eric T.

Retired Police Officer, Dad, Grandpa and Book Lover

The Let's Explore Series is fantastic! My step-daughter loved all the colours, the fun facts and the colourful content. Her favourite is Hide and Seek Dog Edition! Can't wait for more to come out.


The Prophecy was amazing! Such vivid characters and a great storyline with lots of steaminess! I love Jennifer's other romance books as well. Great reads!

Andrea W.

Jennifer's romance books are full of saucy fun adventures with a strong female lead. Jennifer's kids books are full of fun, whimsy and colorfulness.

All I can say is that I'm in awe of Jennifer's talent and I highly recommend any of her books.

LOVE Jennifer's writing style and books. Full of adventure and sauciness. Just like her!





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Jennifer Dowd is a writer, photographer, painter and author of the new paranormal romance series. Book #1: The Prophecy, Book #2: The Vaillancourt Coven. More books in this series are in the works!


Additionally, she wrote a new Kids Series called Let’s Explore and several romance books which are all available on Amazon.


Jennifer has been a lifelong writer and first began creating other worlds and characters at a very young age. She lives and works in beautiful British Columbia.

Check me out on Linkedin or Pinterest.

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