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The Prophecy Series by Jennifer Dowd (2)


Tess Mackenzie is no ordinary woman. She has had a challenging life, orphaned at birth and moved from foster family to foster family. She never felt like she belonged. But, despite all this, Tess has become a successful photographer travelling the world with her best friend, Izzie. One day Izzie told her they were moving to New Orleans, that she needed to go back to her roots in the South. As far back as Tess remembered, Izzie had always been in her life, so where she went, Tess went. However, Izzie wasn’t whom Tess had thought she was. And in New Orleans, Tess was about to discover her true destiny. Tess will have to overcome her insecurities and accept her destiny, foretold in a prophecy if she is to save an entire paranormal world she never knew existed. It will take all she has to prepare herself for a to-the-death battle upon which her life and the lives of those she has come to love would depend. Will Tess succeed?