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  • Jennifer Dowd

Book Review: Be Useful Seven Tools For Life by Arnold Schwarzenegger - Nov 5, 2023

I decided to delve into Arnold's book after tuning in to Ryan Holiday's insightful interview with Arnold on the Daily Stoic, and I'm truly pleased that I did.

This isn't merely another celebrity's book. Arnold's writing mirrors his speaking style so closely that I can vividly hear his voice as I progress through the pages.

His method of weaving tools into stories resonates deeply with me; it's a powerful way to effectively communicate information. Sharing relatable stories ensures that people will retain the information—a technique I find incredibly effective.

I highly encourage you to read the book fully but in the meantime, I'll provide a cliff notes version of his tools from my perspective (you may pick up something different):

  • Have a clear vision - to get what you want, you need to have clear vision.

  • Never think small - think all the way outside the box and never have a backup plan.

  • Work your ass off - if you want it, work for it

  • Sell, sell, sell - sell your vision to those that can help you get it

  • Shift gears - focus on problem-solving to make your vision happen

  • Shut your mouth, open your mind - ask questions, be curious and really listen

  • Break your mirrors - help others, not just yourself

Overall, it was well worth the read. I enjoyed learning a bit of Arnold's journey and the lessons he picked up along the way. Sharing his journey is part of giving back.

If he can help someone else with lessons and tools he picked up along the way, he's all for that. And I really like that.

Thanks Arnold for sharing your story.

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