• Jennifer Dowd

Color Emotions - In search of yellow

What’s a color journey you ask? For me, it’s about discovering colors that I wouldn’t normally be attracted to. I love color and patterns. Specifically, I love jewel tone colors like emerald, sapphire, fuchsia, mandarin orange, etc. Color is inspiring. When I see a something in a bright fun color, I immediately get inspired. This week’s color journey, is all about…

Yellow, yellow, yellow. I’m obsessed with yellow. I’m not sure why. Maybe it’s because we’ve all had such a hard road with the world-wide COVID pandemic, and yellow to me embodies sunshine, warmth, and happiness. It’s bright, cheery, and comforting. As I ventured out more and more, I would notice yellow everywhere. Flowers, anchors, shoes, cars, and art oh my! Have you ever experienced that before? You think about a color and then you end up seeing it everywhere. I know, it sounds banana’s (wink) but it’s true. Next time you’re out, think of a color and see what turns up!

So, with yellow on the top of my mind I set forth to capture it in a fun way that hopefully makes you feel bright, cheery, and happy.

I’m excited to see what next month’s color journey will be. I’m starting to feel…red inspiration coming on!

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